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Specifications of Ningbo Water Glycol Oil Purifier


Ningbo Water Glycol Oil Purifier Specifications: Matt Filtration, Twelve Coalescing Dewatering Oil Purifier Main Components Configuration Table 11 Coalescing Dewatering Oil Purifier Outline Dimensions*** When the medium viscosity is too high or the oil temperature is low , Need to add a heating device **** explosion-proof model followed by F, omit the normal type *filter precision, such as 03 fine filter is 3 microns ** applicable medium, omit general hydraulic oil, BH water-glycol, V Phosphate hydraulic pressure.

Access to hydraulic lubrication system to improve the cleanliness of the system 001100*500*100860*500*100 Dimensions mm380*500*680380*500*6800*500*5800*500*680 Weight kg6686901112120135 Motor power kw0. The 75-voltage VAC380V three-phase 50Hz hydraulic lubrication system is bypassed when the circulating filter hydraulic lubrication system is working before it is put into operation.

Internal plug-in coupling Weight≈16kg weight≈16 kg Pressurehose2m pressure hose 2mSuctionpipe2m oil suction pipe 2m power cord 10mPowercord3mProtectionclassIP54 protection class IP54SealingwasherNBR sealing gasket NBRAmbienttemperature-..40°C ambient temperature-..40°Workingtemperature-10~80°working Temperature -10~80℃Workingmediummineraloi.

Sealing ring, nitrile rubber hose, PVC rubber thread with fasteners, anti-rust carbon steel coalescing tank and pipeline anti-rust carbon steel base frame control box anti-rust carbon steel material, outlet pump pressure relief valve setting 0.6MPa The outlet filter pressure difference switch is set to 0.25mpa, the inlet circulation flow rate is 50L/min, and the fluid viscosity range of the fluid system is 10cst~150cs.

Twelve coalescing dehydration oil purifier main components configuration table eleven coalescing dehydration oil purifier outline dimension drawing*** When the medium viscosity is too high or the oil temperature is low, a heating device needs to be added. ****Explosion-proof model After adding F, omit the ordinary type *filter precision, such as the 03 fine filter is 3 microns** applicable medium, omit the general hydraulic oil, BH water-glycol, V phosphate grease hydraulic pressure.

Changsha Water and Soil Electric Technology Co., Ltd.--50L plate and frame oil purifier Beijing Kangwei Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd.--25L gear oil high-pressure cleaning oil purifier Henan Jinshan Chemical Co., Ltd.--100T security filter Shanxi Tiandi Mining Equipment Co., Ltd.- -40L high-precision explosion-proof oil filter Dongfeng (Shiyan) Commercial Vehicle Manufacturing Plant --50L box-type oil filter Zhongchi Water Hebei Branch-DN300 precision filter.

1918 Overload protection Delixi/Chint 1 17-button Delixi/Chint several 16 Air switch Delixi/Chint several 15 Contactor Delixi/Chint CTJ-10A 1pc 14 Differential pressure transmitter Liming Hydraulic SMC-4 2 blockage alarm 13 separation filter element Xinxiang 1 off.

8 Pressure gauge Φ40-6mpa 1pc 7 Sealing ringΦ28*55 3pcs 6 Sealing ringΦ190*55 1pc 5 Power cord 5 Three copper wire 3m 4 Oil outlet pipe Φ25 high pressure oil pipe 3m3 Oil inlet pipe Φ38 steel wire winding pipe 3 Meter 2 Fine filter element 2600R010BN3HC 1 pc 1 Coarse filter element Y-32 1 serial number name specification model quantity 9 spare parts list Sparepartslis.

The specifications of Ningbo water glycol oil purifier integrate the functions of precision filtration and dehydration. The applied "coalescing separation" technology is used for dehydration. The dehydration efficiency is high and the dehydration ability is strong, especially for the separation of a large amount of water in the oil. The incomparable advantages of the vacuum centrifugal method can break all the oil-water emulsification structure in the medium; through the filtration of the particle filter system, the cleanliness of the medium can be stably controlled to the state required by the system, and the cleanliness of the oil is not changed. The most accurate nature of the oil, prolong the service life of the oil; low energy consumption, low operating cost; excellent system configuration, strong continuous working performance, suitable for online operation system characteristics grade fine filter filter medium adopts precision and pollution A large-capacity filter material can safely purify the oil. The stage separation filter further blocks the tiny water droplets in the oil to achieve the effect of separation.