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The requirement of the oil filter


The hydraulic oil(oil filter) often contains granular impurities, which will cause the wear of the relative moving surface of the hydraulic components, the stagnation of the slide valve and the blockage of the throttle orifice, which will greatly reduce the working reliability of the system. Installing an oil filter with a certain accuracy in the system is a necessary means to ensure the normal operation of the hydraulic system. The filtering accuracy of the oil filter refers to the size of the smallest impurity particles that can be filtered by the filter element, expressed in microns. According to the accuracy, it can be divided into coarse oil filter (80 microns - 250 microns), ordinary oil filter (10 microns - 40 microns), fine oil filter (3 microns - 5 microns) and ultra fine oil filter (1 micron).

Generally, the basic requirements for the oil filter are: (1) it can meet the filtering accuracy requirements of the hydraulic system, that is, it can prevent impurities of a certain size from entering the system. (2) the filter element should have sufficient strength and will not be damaged due to pressure. (3) it has large flow capacity and small pressure loss. (4) it is easy to clean or replace the filter element.