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What industries can the oil filter be used in?


Oil filter is a kind of supporting equipment, which is widely used. You can buy it as long as you need to filter waste oil. It is a device that can advance the insulation function of electrical oil and the purity of smooth oil. The oil filter is mainly used to restore the operation and hardship of smooth oil and other oil products, reduce the production cost and maintain the machinery! Oil filters can be purchased for oil products used in production lines, large-scale production equipment, high-end equipment, engineering machinery and mechanical equipment, such as petrochemical industry, metallurgical machinery, ships and mines, aviation medicine, steel, building materials, railways, power plants, electric power, etc. Oil filter is the maintenance umbrella of industrial green and environmental protection!
The oil filter mainly deals with unqualified industrial oils such as mechanical oil, hydraulic oil, compressor oil, refrigeration oil, insulating oil, steam turbine oil and edible oil. Then reliably remove the water, impurities, gases and other harmful substances in the unqualified oil, and sensitively restore the function of the oil to meet the oil consumption standard. It also has the functions of oil pumping, oil injection, vacuum monotony and hot oil circulation filtration to meet the application needs of shopping malls