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How to choose an appropriate oil filter


Oil filter is a filtering device that uses gravity, centrifugation, pressure, vacuum distillation, mass transfer and other technical methods to remove mechanical impurities, oxidation by-products and water in impure oil. The oil filter is mainly used to improve the cleanliness of mechanical and electrical oil, give full play to its good performance and prolong the service life of the equipment. Oil filter, also known as oil filter and oil purifier. Its function is to filter and purify the contaminated oil, and restore or improve the properties of the oil itself. Including the cleanliness, water content, gas content, acid value, viscosity, flash point, insulation strength, color, etc. of oil products. In addition, it can effectively remove impurities in oil products and ensure the safe operation of oil equipment.
The selection of filtering accuracy of oil filter is affected by two factors: the need of oil and the viscosity of oil. For example, insulating oil can reach high insulation value only through high-precision filtration, while large module gears have more extensive requirements for impurities. The high viscosity oil cannot pass through the fine filter screen and the accuracy needs to be reduced. If the one-sided emphasis on the cleanliness of oil and the use of precision filter screen will increase the operation cost of oil filter. Because: (1) the filter element is often blocked and needs to be cleaned or even replaced frequently. (2) Increase the axial pressure so that the oil can pass through the filter screen quickly, but it will often crush the filter element. (3) Add preheating oil tank to increase temperature and reduce viscosity.
Generally speaking, the filtration accuracy of fine filtration stage is: (1) insulating oil, 1 ~ 5 μ m。 (2) Lubricating oil and turbine oil below 46, choose 10 ~ 20 μ m。 (3) Select 20 ~ 50 for internal combustion engine oil and gear oil μ m。
Although the oil filter is used to filter the impurities in the oil, the long-term use will accumulate impurities, which will affect the quality of the oil, reduce the working efficiency of the oil filter, reduce the service life of the oil filter and the service life of the oil consuming machinery. The oil filter shall be carefully maintained to avoid unnecessary damage and waste.