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How to repair and maintain the oil filter


Basically, a good oil filter does not need to spend much time on maintenance. It only needs to replace or clean the filter element in time when it is found that the filter element is blocked during use. Do not wait until the filter element is broken. If the oil filter has oil leakage, it needs to be handled in time. In addition, after use, the impurities and foreign matters inside the machine should be cleaned in time, and then placed in a place that is not easy to be damp and dry. As for the maintenance of oil filter, it should be analyzed and treated according to specific conditions.

How to clean the filter element of vacuum oil filter?

The filter element is also the main principle of the filter. It is the purification equipment required to purify the original ecological resources and reuse resources. The filter element is generally mainly used in oil filtration, water filtration, air filtration and other filtration industries. Removing a small amount of impurities in the filter medium can protect the normal operation of the equipment or the cleanness of the air. When the fluid passes through the filter element with certain accuracy, the impurities are blocked, and the clean flow flows out through the filter element.

To ensure that the filter element of vacuum oil filter is clean, we must clean the filter element of vacuum oil filter in time.

1. Before cleaning the vacuum oil filter, stop the operation of the oil filter, close the oil inlet and outlet pipes and turn off the power switch.

2. Open the oil drain valve and drain all the oil in the filter until the oil flows out (open the vent valve during oil drain to speed up the oil drain speed).

3. Open the filter cover and take out the filter element after it is discharged.

4. Filter element of vacuum oil filter, take out the filter element, put it into the oil pan with kerosene, soak it for 30 minutes, clean it and blow it out with air.

5. Remove the sediment on the surface of the vacuum oil filter with a brush, and then wipe the filter with a rag.

6. Then install the filter element and lock the filter bolts. After cleaning, it can be put into use.

Common sense of filter element of oil filter

According to the place of origin: (filter element) can be divided into imported and domestic, of which the imported characteristic is durable, good strength and expensive; Domestic oil filter elements may be divided into two situations. One is to use imported filter materials to make domestic filter elements, and the other is to use domestic filter materials to make domestic filter elements. The former has better quality of imported filter materials, so generally speaking, the domestic filter elements with imported filter materials have larger pollution capacity and better strength and service life. Therefore, if we pay attention to cost performance, the domestic filter elements with imported filter materials are a good choice. The gearbox dialysis machine adopts imported filter element to ensure the safety and durability of our products.

Filtration accuracy: the filtration accuracy of oil filter element is generally 1-200 μ M (micron), and meet the oil cleanliness ISO / dis4406 and American NAS standards. The specific accuracy of oil filter element depends on the actual requirements of specific oil products and can be selected according to customer requirements.

Material: the oil filter element is made of stainless steel, aluminum mesh, inorganic polymer, glass fiber, etc. in terms of strength, stainless steel is the best, corrosion-resistant and long service life, but the material is not delicate enough and the filtration accuracy is not high, so it is generally difficult to reach 10 μ M or less (of course, some manufacturers can do 5 μ m); The filter element with the worst strength is the glass fiber, but the glass fiber is exquisite, plastic and low cost, so it is also widely used; Aluminum mesh and polymer have moderate strength and moderate cost. Usually, inorganic polymer will be used with other materials to save cost. At the same time, it takes into account high filtration precision, high strength and easy cleaning. At present, polymer materials are the most cleanable filter elements.