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The working efficiency of oil filter is closely related to oil pump-News-Shenzhen Wonpro Technology Co., Ltd.


When the oil filter works, the oil pump plays a very important role. It can be said that a good oil pump can provide better working efficiency of the oil filter. Here, Chongqing Shengyi oil filter factory summarizes many years of production experience and customer feedback, and summarizes the selection of oil pump for you.
Determination of oil pump type: common oil pumps can be divided into gear pump, vane pump and plunger pump according to their structure. Gear pump is used in low-pressure system and is not sensitive to oil pollution. The vane pump has uniform flow output, small pulsation and low noise, but its oil absorption characteristics are not very good and is sensitive to oil pollution. The piston pump is easy to obtain high-precision matching, small leakage and high volumetric efficiency. It is often used in high-pressure systems with vane pumps and is also sensitive to oil pollution.
Therefore, the gear pump is usually used as the inlet and outlet pump of transformer oil vacuum filter, ordinary hydraulic lubricating oil vacuum filter or turbine oil filter.
Gear pump is usually divided into KCB gear pump and YCB gear pump. The internal gear of KCB gear pump is an involute helical gear structure, which has high hardness and strength after heat treatment. It is installed in a replaceable shaft sleeve together with the shaft. When the pump works, the lubrication of all parts in the pump is automatically realized by using the output medium. There are reasonably designed oil drain grooves and oil return grooves in the pump, which means that the torque borne by the gear during operation is small, so the bearing load is small, the wear is small, and the pump efficiency is high. KCB gear pump has the advantage of moderate price and easy acceptance by customers. But the disadvantage is that the wear between straight teeth is very strong, the noise is high, and the service life is short. It is commonly used as consumables under some working conditions.
YCB circular arc gear pump has the characteristics of combining double circular arc and sinusoidal curve, and has won the third prize of national major scientific and technological achievement project and scientific and technological progress award of the State Education Commission. The two meshing tooth profiles of circular arc gear pump are in continuous contact at one point, which will not produce oil trapping phenomenon, so as to completely solve the problems of pump vibration, noise and bearing load increase caused by oil trapping of involute gear pump. The gear is made of double arc sinusoidal tooth profile. Compared with involute gear, its outstanding advantage is that there is no relative sliding on the tooth profile in the process of gear meshing, so there is no wear on the tooth surface, smooth operation, no liquid phenomenon, low noise, long service life and high efficiency. The pump gets rid of the traditional design and makes the design, production and use of gear pump enter a new field. YCB circular arc gear pump has the characteristics of low noise, high pressure and good energy-saving effect. The cost of YCB circular arc gear pump is higher than that of KCB gear pump, but considering the performance of the whole oil filter, it is recommended to have a longer service life and higher price.
The advantages of screw pump used in oil filter are: stable operation, stable flow, low noise, no eddy current pulsation, no shear, strong adaptability from very low to very high viscosity (- 20 ~ 150) and good self-priming ability. But the disadvantage is that the friction between stator and rotor is very large and requires a lot of torque. The efficiency is low, the shaft usually absorbs 1kW power, and the manufacturer will be equipped with 3KW or even larger motors; The stator and seal of the pump are consumables; This design is slim and requires a lot of installation space. Traditional oil filters generally do not use this type. Only when the whole machine is equipped with a pump with special configuration, the oil pump can be used to match and improve the performance of the whole machine.