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Benefits of using bypass/hydraulic oil filter


Shenzhen Wonpro Technology Co., Ltd. specialize in the production of  bypass/hydraulic oil filters.The advantage of using hydraulic oil filter is the importance of hydraulic oil to hydraulic system. The deterioration of hydraulic oil will play an important role in the hydraulic system and even the whole hydraulic equipment.

The quality of hydraulic oil has a great influence on the working performance of hydraulic system, and many faults are caused by it. In order to prevent oil pollution, the hydraulic oil filter is installed at an appropriate position, which can intercept the pollutants in the oil, keep the oil clean and ensure the normal operation of the oil system.
Hydraulic oil filter can be divided into surface filter, depth filter and magnetic filter according to filter material. Their filtration of solid pollutants is completed by direct interception and adsorption.
The main function of hydraulic oil filter is to filter hydraulic oil. Various impurities will inevitably appear in the hydraulic system. The main sources are: mechanical impurities remaining in the hydraulic system after cleaning, such as rust, casting sand, welding slag, iron filings, paint, paint skin and cotton filings.
According to production statistics, more than 75% of the faults in the hydraulic system are caused by impurities in the hydraulic oil. Therefore, it is very important for the hydraulic system to maintain oil cleanliness and prevent oil pollution.
The advantage of using hydraulic oil filter is that it can deeply clean impurities, micro water, emulsified oil, etc. The special oil filter can quickly remove the harmful components such as water, gas and impurities in the hydraulic oil, improve the lubrication performance of the oil, reduce the corrosion or erosion of the oil equipment caused by too much water or impurities, prolong the service life of the oil equipment, and ensure that the composition and service performance of the oil are not affected.