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Troubleshooting of hydraulic oil filter


Under normal conditions, the pressure at both ends of the filter plate of the hydraulic oil filter is in balance. When the two ends of the filter plate are in different filtration stages, that is, one side is filtration and the other side is hydraulic extrusion, the pressure difference is formed at the two ends of the filter plate, thus damaging the filter plate. Reasons: 1 After the initial filtration of the filter press, the parking time of the feed pump on the way is long, and the filter cake in the semi active state in the filter chamber sinks to varying degrees; 2. During unloading, there is a large difference in the amount of residual mud at both ends of the filter plate; 3. The feed hole of the filter plate is blocked.

The hydraulic oil filter can quickly remove the water, gas and impurities in the lubricating oil and the harmful components in the oil such as acetylene, hydrogen, methane and ammonia, which is the function of ash compound lubricating oil. The hydraulic oil filtering function is useful to ensure the normal operation of oil system equipment and avoid accidents. The hydraulic oil filter is equipped with three-stage filtration, which is simple, sensitive and easy to operate. It does not need filter paper and does not pollute the place. It can not only effectively filter out harmful impurities in the oil.