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The viscocity of the oil filter machine


The high viscosity oil cannot pass through the fine filter screen and the accuracy needs to be reduced(oil filter machine). Because:
(1) The filter element is often blocked and needs frequent cleaning or even replacement.
(2) Increase the axial pressure, so that the oil can pass through the filter screen quickly, but it will often crush the filter element.
(3) Add preheating oil tank to increase temperature and reduce viscosity.

Generally speaking, the filtration accuracy of the fine filtration stage(oil filter machine) is selected as:
(1) Insulating oil, select 1 ~ 5 μ m。
(2) Lubricating oil and turbine oil below 46, choose 10 ~ 20 μ m。
(3) Select 20 ~ 50 for internal combustion engine oil and gear oil μ m。