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The assortment of the oil filter machine


Ordinary oil filter machine
Ordinary oil filter machine is a movable device composed of filter bed, oil pump and coarse filter.
The filter bed can be operated continuously. Under the action of pressure, dirty oil is pressed into the filter filtered on the side. The filter is composed of a complete set of alternately arranged filter plates and filter frames and a mechanism including manual screw compression device and compression plate. A filter paper (or filter cloth) as a filter medium is padded between the filter plate and the filter frame (small ring). By the pressure of the pressing device, the filter plate and the filter frame are pressed between the fixed central pipe and the movable pressing plate, so as to form a separate filter chamber and the filter paper pressed between the filter plate and the filter frame (or filter cloth) plays the role of filtration. The dirty oil is introduced from the center. After filtering in the filter chamber, the clean oil is led out from another corresponding channel of the filter plate.

Vacuum oil filter machine
The vacuum oil filter machine can efficiently remove free water and solid pollutants from petroleum based oil products such as hydraulic oil, lubricating oil and steam turbine oil. It can also bypass or online purify the oil according to needs.
The oil filter can remove free water from the medium through demulsification, coalescence and separation. The free water content of the treated medium is lower than 200ppm, and can be lower than 100ppm at the limit. Solid particles in the medium can also be filtered. Controlling the cleanliness of the oil can filter out the solid particles in the medium. Control the cleanliness of the oil, which can reach nas4 pole or higher. (Note: the equipment is not suitable for occasions requiring very low water content, such as the removal of dissolved water. One solution at this time is to use the produced coalescing negative pressure oil filter series, which can quickly remove a large amount of water from the oil, and finally reduce the water content to 100ppm, which can be lower than 5ppm at the limit.)