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The characteristic of the oil filter machine(1)


1. (oil filter machine)The key to equipment installation is horizontal placement. It is best to use horizontal instrument for detection during installation. If it is not placed peacefully, the use effect is not good.

2. (oil filter machine)The air compressor shall pay attention to refueling, regular oil change, water drainage for oil-water separation, and timely clean the filter element to ensure oil quality.

3. (oil filter machine)Open the air gland and load the crude oil into the pressure tank, but the loaded crude oil shall not exceed 80% of the volume of the air pressure tank. After the oil loading is completed, cover the empty gland immediately, close the vent valve, open the control valve, open the oil nozzle, turn on the power switch, and the oil filter will not work normally until all the oil is discharged from the oil nozzle.

4. If any abnormality is found during use, the control valve shall be closed immediately for maintenance. At this time, the oil in the control gas circuit of the check valve cannot return. After maintenance, open the control valve to continue working.

5. Before the filtration starts and the filter residue layer is not formed, the filtrate is turbid. At this time, the oil is re filtered. After the filtered oil meets the requirements, the oil filter enters the normal working state.