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The classification of the oil filter machine(2)


6. (oil filter machine)During the filtration process, due to the accumulation of filter residue on the filter cloth, the resistance increases and the speed slows down. Stop the machine to clean the filter residue. Use a wooden or bamboo scraper to scrape the filter residue from the filter cloth and reuse it. In practice, explore the time when the filter residue is piled up, know well and remove the filter residue on time.

7. (oil filter machine)Filter oil is different, the selection temperature is also different, and the output is different. Explore the temperature of each filtrate in practice.

8. (oil filter machine)When the crude oil in the pressure tank is filtered, when the outlet nozzle is vented, close this nozzle, and when the other nozzle is vented for a moment, open the vent valve, and the filtration is all over. (type 35C has one oil outlet nozzle for single-sided filtration, and the oil outlet nozzle exhausts for a moment, and the filtration is completed.)

9. It is forbidden to clean the filter cloth with caustic soda and boiling water. The cleaned filter cloth should be used after drying, otherwise it will affect the filtering capacity and oil output quality.

10. Connect a filter screen with the thickness of the window screen under the oil press to prevent the fine residue from blocking the oil pipe. If the oil residue is too fine and too little, the pores of the filter cloth will be blocked and the output will be affected. Clean the filter cloth in time and clean the oil-water separator once every 70 hours.