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Wonpro Company return to work after Lurar New Year Holiday!


After a happy, peaceful and relaxed Spring Festival holiday, today Wonpro company return to work again, gathered in this spring, festive moment!
As the saying goes, the occasion of the year lies in spring, so at the beginning of the new year, Wonpro-oil filter company should devote ourselves to our work with greater enthusiasm, more solid style, and more effective measures. to make a good start  in the new year! In the past year, with the cooperation of managers at all levels and the joint efforts of employees, and with the support of the majority of new and old customers, the company has achieved great-leap-forward development, showing a new look and creating a new milestone.

In 2022, Wonpro-filter company will make continuous efforts to formulate a series of key work plans and regulations according to the current situation of the company, and strive to seize new opportunities, meet new challenges, speed up new development and forge ahead towards the set goals in the precision oil filter market competition.