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Significance of turbine oil pollution control


Significance of turbine oil pollution control

The lubricating oil system takes turbine oil as the working medium. The quality and function of oil is an important factor affecting the safety and economic work of the unit. One of the factors causing the deterioration of turbine oil is the pollution composed of pollutants such as water and metal particles. The oil contains water (free water and dissolved water) and high concentration of metal particles, which will not only bring common damage such as the decline of lubrication function, corrosion of metal surface, jamming of speed regulating part sleeve and scratching of bearing surface, but also accelerate the oxidative transformation of oil and reduce the service life of oil due to the coexistence of water and metal particle dirt through the catalysis of metal particles. MS precision oil filter with dehydration function can filter out moisture, micron pollution particles and oxides. It is a powerful helper for turbine oil to maintain good lubrication.

The research data show that when there are only metal particles or water in the oil, the effect on the oxidative degradation of the oil is not obvious. However, when metal and water exist together, the oxidation rate accelerates sharply. Iron particles accelerate the oxidation rate of oil by 10 times, and copper particles accelerate the oxidation rate of oil by 30 times. Control the moisture or metal particles in the oil within the regular range, and the service life of the oil can be extended by 3 ~ 5 times. MS precision oil filter and steam turbine operate synchronously online to remove moisture and pollutants generated by the system in real time and prolong the service life of oil.

Solid pollutants such as metal particles in the lubricating oil system mainly include external invasion and internal generation. The water comes from the unreasonable air space of the steam seal of the unit. The steam leaks into the bearing chamber and condenses into water, which is mixed into the oil. Due to the fast circulation speed of oil and easy mixing of air, the oil is close to the air, and then accelerates the oxidation of oil, producing secondary pollutants such as organic acid, colloid and oil sludge, which affects the anti emulsification function and acid value. The filter element used in MS precision oil filter has strong adsorption, absorption and water absorption functions, and the filtration is faster and more thorough.

Therefore, in order to control the basic performance of the oil, avoid the generation of secondary pollutants, prolong the service life of the oil, save energy, reduce consumption, reduce pollution and ensure the safe production of the unit, it is necessary to strengthen the pollution control of the oil system.