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Hydraulic oil filter: precision oil filter or vacuum oil filter


Hydraulic oil filter: precision oil filter or vacuum oil filter

With the continuous development of modern industry, hydraulic oil filter has been more and more widely used in chemical industry, electric power and other fields. Now the types of oil filter in the market are complex and the quality is uneven. Facing so many choices, many users will find it difficult to choose. Do you choose precision oil filter or vacuum oil filter for hydraulic oil filtration?

1. During the working process of the hydraulic system, the hydraulic oil will be polluted by water, oil oxide and micron mechanical impurities, resulting in the failure of the function of the hydraulic oil. Such hydraulic oil will not only fail to maintain the mechanical equipment, but also endanger the equipment; However, the composition of hydraulic oil has not changed and has not deteriorated. At this time, dehydration and impurity removal of hydraulic oil can restore the quality and performance of lubricating oil. The precision oil filter is the best choice for the precision filtration of hydraulic oil. The precision oil filter can filter and purify the oil without heating the oil at room temperature. The high-precision filter element used has a powerful function of removing water and impurities, and the cleanliness grade of the filtered oil is higher than that of new oil.

2. The hydraulic oil is red, black, seriously emulsified and begins to age. It can be filtered by vacuum oil filter. Vacuum oil filter has good dehydration capacity, but it needs to heat the oil, and the filtration cost is high. Although the vacuum oil filter with precision filtering function can improve the cleanliness of oil to a certain cleanliness level, it is not recommended to heat the hydraulic oil repeatedly.