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Introduction of control method of multifunctional oil filter


For the buyers of multifunctional vacuum oil filter, the price of oil filter has always been our concern. At present, there are more and more types and models of vacuum oil filters in the market. How to choose an affordable Zui quality engine oil filter from so many manufacturers has become particularly important.

1. For the manufacturer of multi-functional vacuum oil filter, the economic situation of the supply area should be considered when pricing the product * point. For example, in some second and third tier cities in China, because the consumption level in these areas is very low, it is obviously impractical if you set the product positioning too high. Therefore, multi-level pricing should be considered when selecting the shipping region.

2. In the final analysis, selling products is selling quality. Product quality has always been the foundation of manufacturers' survival. Let's imagine, if your vacuum oil filter has many problems, who will buy it? Therefore, when we are producing oil filters, we should pay attention to some oil filters. In order to save costs, some enterprises purchase some cheap accessories, which will have a great impact on the use of oil filter in the future. Therefore, for the working ability and service life of your product.

When the multifunctional vacuum oil filter works normally, the liquid level in the vacuum separation chamber changes up and down. If there is more oil and less oil, the liquid level in the oil tank will rise, and vice versa. Due to the change of vacuum degree in the oil tank and the change of volumetric efficiency of gear pump, the difference of oil in and out will gradually accumulate with the passage of time, and the liquid level will continue to rise or fall. If it is not controlled, the oil flow will overflow or the exhaust pump will empty