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Precautions for maintenance of hydraulic oil filter


Precautions for maintenance of hydraulic oil filter

As we all know, in the process of hydraulic oil machine application, the accumulation of filter residue of the filter equipment itself can constitute the addition of resistance, and the reasonable operation of the machine also needs to be shut down for cleaning and disposal. The contents of this type of maintenance have played an important role in today's hydraulic oil machine and normal maintenance. In the process of using this type of reliable hydraulic oil filter, it is more necessary to adopt reasonable methods to maintain this kind of instrument and dispose of pollutants.

1. Pay attention to timely disposal of filter residue
Because the continuous accumulation of pollutants in the filter layer can form the blockage of the system, and the addition of resistance will also reduce the speed of equipment operation. Therefore, in the current application process of hydraulic oil filter, it is necessary to shut down and clean up in time to ensure the full disposal of pollutants. In the process of application, it should also ensure the gentle and safe disposal. Wooden or bamboo scraper can be used for disposal. During the usual application period, it is also necessary to know the reasonable and punctual setting method of this type of hydraulic oil filter oil residue aircraft at all times, so as to make its pollutant cleaning more efficient.

2. Pay attention to its carrier and circulating filtration system
Generally, high-quality centering equipment can be used under the normal operation of the transformer system, and when the current reliable hydraulic oil filter is used, the corresponding pressure regulating switch and the stability of its system are more critical. Users can deepen the analysis of a series of questions, such as which hydraulic oil filter is better at present. The equipment operation ability of the instrument itself and the operation reliability of the corresponding switch can be maintained after its shutdown.