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Wonpro company teaches you how to clean the parts of oil filter regularly


Shenzhen Wonpro Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in producing various types of hydraulic oil filters.

Oil filter is a filter unit that removes solid impurities and moisture in impure oil by pressure filtration.
When the oil filter works, the polluted oil enters the heater through the inlet under the effect of vacuum suction of external atmospheric pressure. The heated oil enters the primary filter, and the large particle impurities are filtered out. Then the oil enters the vacuum separator and flows through the special divergence equipment oil filter. The divergent equipment can produce a large surface area per unit volume of oil, expose the polluted oil to the atmosphere with low relative humidity, and clean up the water, air and gas in the oil.
The mixed gas formed by the steam and gas transpiration from the oil filter is condensed into liquid through the water tank and cooler, and enters the water reservoir together, and the remaining gas is extracted by vacuum. The oil with water removed is input into the fine filter by the oil drain pump to remove particulate impurities, which is the purified oil. After a purification process is completed, the water can be removed only after multiple cycles according to the water content
The impurities separated from the oil filter are attached to the impurity collection cover in the rotor and should be cleaned regularly. In addition, because the specific gravity of water is larger than that of oil, under the effect of centrifugal force, water is separated from oil and stored in the oil pan in the rotor, which can be cleaned during cleaning.