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Working principle of precision oil filter


Working principle of precision oil filter

With the rapid development of hydraulic industry, higher requirements are put forward for the reliability of hydraulic system. At present, about 70% of the faults in hydraulic system are caused by oil pollution. In order to control the pollution degree of hydraulic system, in addition to installing oil filter in hydraulic system. The new oil injected into the system needs to be pre purified by a high-precision oil filter. At the same time, high-precision oil filter can also be used to filter the hydraulic system circularly and purify the system oil.

The high-precision oil filter can fill or regularly purify and filter the oil of hydraulic system, static pressure system, lubrication system and various oil systems. It also has a certain economic effect on the recovery of dirty oil. It is an ideal energy-saving equipment. This series of high-precision oil filters can not only filter out impurities in the oil, but also absorb some water in the oil.

Wonpro precision oil filter has the characteristics of light and flexible, convenient movement, simple operation, reliable performance, compact structure, beautiful appearance, convenient use and maintenance, etc.