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How to effectively improve the filtration speed of oil filter?


How to effectively improve the filtration speed of oil filter?

1. During operation, strictly monitor the operation of the oil filter (such as flow, temperature, etc.), and regularly check the quality of oil before and after treatment to monitor the purification effect of the oil filter.

2. During the operation of oil filter in winter, the pipeline shall be insulated. When filtering oil in the substation, it must also abide by the relevant provisions in the safety operation regulations of electric power industry issued by the electric power industry.

3. When the solid particles in the suspension are large and uniform, the pores of the filtered slag layer are relatively unblocked, and the filtrate passes through the slag layer faster. The oil filter coagulant should be used to collect the fine particles into larger agglomerates, which is conducive to improving the filtration speed.

4. For the suspension oil filter with fast settling speed of solid particles, the filtering equipment feeding on the upper part of the filter medium should be used to make the filtering direction consistent with the gravity direction. The coarse particles settle first, which can reduce the blockage of the filter medium and filter residue layer of the oil filter. Mixing coarse solid particles such as diatomite and expanded perlite into the suspension that is difficult to filter can loosen the filter residue layer, When the filtrate viscosity is large, the suspension can be heated to reduce the viscosity.