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Importance of hydraulic oil filtration


Importance of hydraulic oil filtration

The cleanliness of hydraulic oil indirectly affects the hydraulic setting equipment. Relevant studies have confirmed that 80% ~ 90% of press failures are caused by the purification of hydraulic system.
1) When the hydraulic oil is oxidized, tense and dirty, it will affect the action of the hydraulic valve, showing signs such as stuck valve and rapid wear of valve core;
2) When the hydraulic oil is oxidized, emulsified and purified by particles, the oil pump will show cause faults due to cavitation, corrosion of the copper parts of the oil pump and the unsmooth moving parts of the oil pump, and even burn the pump;
3) When the hydraulic oil is dirty, the service life of seals and guides will be greatly reduced;

Methods for maintaining the cleanliness of hydraulic oil:
1) The hydraulic system must be equipped with self-supporting high-precision circulating filter system and high-precision oil return filter
2) When changing the oil, the new oil must be filtered before entering the oil tank, and attention must be paid to avoid secondary purification
3) Strictly control the oil temperature, and the normal oil temperature should be controlled at 40 ~ 45 ℃;
4) Regularly check the cleanliness and oil quality of hydraulic oil;
5) Change the filter element in real time every two to three months when the filter alarms.

When selecting the accuracy of filter and filter element, we should consider the balance of economy and skill, and apply high-precision filter element to eliminate the faults caused by unclean hydraulic oil.