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ME-300 Precised Filter Element
  • ME-300 Precised Filter ElementME-300 Precised Filter Element

ME-300 Precised Filter Element

China ME-300 Precised Filter Element Quotation. We specialize in the production of ME-300 Precised Filter Element, with an annual sales volume of more than 60,000. ME-300 precised filter element can filter micron-level pollutants, which is featured by high filtering accuracy and large filtering area。

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Product Description

1. Product Introduction of ME-300 precised Filter Element

China ME-300 Precised Filter Element Quotation. ME-300 precised filter element is processed by filter material made of wood pulp, cellulose and additives. Segmented rolling manufacturing process is adopted to press the filter material of the planar structure into a cylindrical filter element with different density gradients. The filter element has the following functions, such as absorbing pollutants by grades, adsorbing pollutants, and absorbing and locking moisture.

2. Technical parameters of ME-300 precised Filter Element

Model number: ME-300

Outer diameter (mm): Φ303

Inner diameter (mm): Φ46

Height (mm):114

Maximum impurity absorption (approximately): 1000 g

Maximum water absorption (approximately): 2000 mL

Temperature range in operation: 0~80℃

Viscosity range of the used oil: 9~180cSt

3. Product features of ME-300 precised Filter Element

a. High filtering accuracy, the oil cleanliness level after filtration is as high as NAS3

b. Large dirt holding capacity, with the three functions of adsorption, subsumption and water absorption at the same time

c. It can filter out moisture, oil oxides, sludge and micron solid particles

d. Large dirt holding capacity and high water absorption.

ME-300 Precised Filter Element

4. Picture of ME-300 precised filter element after use

ME-300 precised filter element is suitable for precised filtration of hydraulic oil and other industrial oils with a viscosity ranging from 9 to 180cSt. It has excellent filtering effects for oils of different pollution levels.

ME-300 Precised Filter Element

5. Company certificates

  • ME-300 Precised Filter Element

    (AAA-grade contract and trustworthy enterprise)
  • ME-300 Precised Filter Element

    (AAA-grade quality service integrity enterprise)


Q: Can you design the equipment according to our size?

A: Yes, we can customize products according to customers' needs.

Q: How can I become your agent?

A: As long as you are engaged in related business in the hydraulic industry with corresponding technical personnel, you can apply for an agency from us.

Q: Is OEM acceptable?

A: We can consider but we have requirements. The specific requirements are based on the actual situation.

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