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CS590 Oil Filter
  • CS590 Oil FilterCS590 Oil Filter

CS590 Oil Filter

Wholesale Customized CS590 Oil Filter. CS590 Oil filter is featured by high filtering accuracy, small volume and convenient installation. It is mainly used for precised filtration of engine oil.

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Product Description

1. Product Introduction of CS590 Oil filter

Wholesale Customized CS590 Oil Filter. The CS590 Oil filter is used in combination with engine, and uses the pressure of the oil line, a certain proportion of the oil is diverted from the main oil line and filters by the CS590 Oil filter and returns to the oil tank. The CS590 Oil filter and the engine operate at the same time to remove the oil contaminants generated by the engine in real time, improve the oil cleanliness level, greatly extend the service life of the oil, reduce the failure rate of the hydraulic system, and maintain the hydraulic system in good working condition.

2. Technical parameters of CS590 Oil filter

Product model: CS590

Supporting filter model: SE170-360

Working pressure: ≤10kgf/cm²

Working temperature: <150℃

Inlet and outlet diameter: RC3/8

Applicable fuel tank capacity: 26L~55L

Weight(kg): 6

Dimensions (mm): Φ180 x 430

CS590 Oil Filter

3. Product features of CS590 Oil filter

The CS590 Oil filter can filter out moisture, oil oxides, sludge and micron solid particles. The highest cleanliness grade: NAS5 level. It’s is safe and reliable. The built-in safety valve can avoid damage to the oil filter due to excessive pressure. The CS590 Oil filter is used in combination with engine.

CS590 Oil Filter

4. Product features of CS310 element of Oil filter

The filter element of CS590 Oil filter is made of wood pulp, cellulose and additives. It has three functions: water absorption, adsorption and subsumption.

NSA1638 Cleanliness level table

CS590 Oil Filter

5. Company certificates

  • CS590 Oil Filter

    (Shunde Equipment Manufacturing Strategic Cooperation Supplier)
  • CS590 Oil Filter

    (Guangdong Province Contract-abiding and Credit-worthy Enterprise)


Q: Is OEM acceptable?

A: We can consider but we have requirements. The specific requirements are based on the actual situation.

Q: Can you send your staff to our factory to install equipment for us?

A: For customers of foreign countries, we do not provide on-site installation services for the time being. Product installation is relatively simple. We will provide simple and easy-to-understand installation instructions. If necessary, we can provide related installation videos before installation.

Q: How many years has your company made this kind of equipment?

A: Our company was founded in 2009, specializing in the production of precision oil filtering equipment.

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